“No one has ever become poor from giving”

– Anne Frank

Donor Recognition

The Unknown Child Foundation expresses our sincere gratitude to those who have donated to our cause either through the General Donation Fund or through the Book of Remembrance. Below is a list of donors who share in our vision to establish a permanent memorial to ensure that those children who perished in the Holocaust are never forgotten. Entire families were wiped out during the Holocaust, and in many cases, there were none left to remember and record the names. We revere all 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust and are consoled that although we are not able to, Almighty G-d calls them all by name.


Donation Reporting

Debra Barnes
Elaine Benuck
Emily Doyle
Judy Felsenthal
Peter Felsenthal
Hal Fogelman
Elvira Helbig
Michael Helbig
Samuel Hyte
Maneesha Manuel
Adam McNeil
Diane McNeil
Diane A McNeil
Ken McNeil
John Mooney
Jenna O'Keeffe
Sommer Page
Chris Powell
Christopher Powell
Susan Powell
Susan Powell
Alex And Debra Saharovich
Nelu Schwartz
Barry Shulkin
Diana Strine
Test Test
Michelle Thornton
Michelle Thornton
Jami Williamson
Bobbie Wright
Sunny Yang

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