Giving Voice to the

Children of the Holocaust

At the Unknown Child Foundation, we seek to educate audiences about the 1.5 million children (of the 1.6 million in the area at the time) who perished during the Holocaust and empower current and future generations to value and hold all children safe, regardless of their ethnic, social, economic or religious background.

Our work is funded by donations from individuals and companies sharing our commitment to keeping the memory of these children alive; 100% of proceeds go to Unknown Child Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization and are tax-deductible. Please make us a part of your charitable giving plans.

The Sculpture

An abandoned child leans against the inside of a crematorium door, opposite a replica of the oven doors at Auschwitz. An arm reaches through the closed door, desperately grasping for a freedom that will never come. Created by Canadian artist Rick Wienecke, the sculpture also incorporates the 1.5 million pennies collected as part of a Holocaust awareness project by students at Horn Lake Middle School in 2009.

The Memorial at Circle G Ranch

The memorial will be housed at the Circle G Ranch in Horn Lake, MS, a site formerly owned by Elvis Presley and currently being restored as a culturally inspired entertainment destination celebrating the heritage and achievement of the Mississippi Delta community.

Place a penny

Forever be a part of this very special and historically significant memorial by sponsoring a small part of it. An $18 donation allows you to place a penny on the Star of David Memorial walls of the site and memorialize a child who perished during the Holocaust.

Gifts of “Chai” ($18)

In Judaism, the word “chai” denotes “life.” Numerically, the word consists of the eighth (8th) and tenth (10th) letters of the Hebrew alphabet, totaling 18. The longstanding Jewish tradition of gifting in increments of $18 is considered significant and takes place in connection with a celebration in remembrance of loved ones.

About the artist

Though not Jewish, Canadian sculptor Rick Wienecke found himself drawn to Israel in his personal search for God. Fascinated with the country’s rise out of the ashes of the Holocaust, he became an Israeli citizen and spent 25 years creating Holocaust-related art, including The Fountain of Tears. See his work at

Never forget

“By preserving the memory of the Holocaust and its moral lessons, we tell the world that such atrocities should never happen again to Jews or to any other people in the world. I don’t want my past to become anyone else’s future.” – Holocaust survivor Friderica Beck Saharovici

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Recent Events

Desoto Educator Susan Powell Named Teacher of the Year

Susan Powell, the Pleasant Hill Elementary School teacher whose “Pennies Project” helped her class better understand the suffering of children during the Holocaust and led to the formation of the non-profit Unknown Child Foundation, became DeSoto County Schools’ 2019 Teacher of the Year.

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In Loving Memory of Holocaust Survivor Leonid Saharovici

The Unknown Child Foundation celebrates the work of Leonid Saharovici, whose life’s mission was to educate good and decent people on the lessons of the Holocaust to ensure they remember and that it never happens again.

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